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Q: Why does my data not match Strava?

A: Usually this is due to you having some private activities. Only public activities are captured unless you have requested otherwise (see below). If not, occasionally Strava activities are not transmitted correctly. In such cases please contact us and we will correct.

Q. How do I request you to capture private data ("Only me" activities)?


A. Reauthorise using the following link: . To allows us to capture legacy private data please contact us.

Q: Why am I not on the Leaderboard?

A: You need to have:

   1) Authorised our app ensuring you leave ticks in both boxes; 

   2) Joined the relevant Strava group; 

   3) Wait around 15 minutes;

   4) Made an activity on your associated Leaderboard. 


If you have done all 4 and still don't appear, please contact us.



Q: Why is my history not complete?

A: Once you authorise our app it takes ~15 minutes for your history to be captured. Once captured all activities recorded in Strava from 1 January 2012 to date will be recorded.

Q: How often does the Leaderboard update?

A: As soon as you record a publicly available activity on Strava it will inform our app and we will capture the data. The Leaderboard will update immediately. Occasionally Strava fails to inform the app of an activity, as a result once a day our app will check for activities not captured.

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