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🏆 The 2020 Challenge has begun. 🏆


Rules are...

* Run 5 kms everyday for 88 days.

* Earn/eat 88 chocolate bars. Yeah!

* Raise £ 888 +++ for Create Arts Ltd.

Every 8 days is a marathon (snickers) of running if you catch my drifter.

The reason I am putting my body through this challenge is because I like it; the challenge of seeing if I can do it. Rewarding myself with a different chocolate bar every evening also sorts that twix out too. I bloody love and crave chocolate and during lockdown I've been tucking into more and more... noticeably... whilst just sitting on the couch.

But in all seriousness and more important than either of those, is to try and capture your attention in raising the awareness of an awesome charity that I am a personal fundraiser, business supporter/member and also on the development council for.

CREATE (ARTS) Ltd ( are the UK’s leading charity empowering lives through the creative arts.

Create uses the power of the creative arts to transform lives. They design and deliver projects that enable those who are excluded through disability, disadvantage, ill-health, imprisonment, poverty or social isolation to participate in high quality creative arts experiences. All projects enable participants to develop creativity, learning, social skills and self-esteem. Every project aims to help to create a society that is fairer, more caring and more inclusive.

Please donate if you can - thank you!


#5for88 #powerof8 #runforchocolate #runforcreate


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